Autor: Dan McClenaghan

Rose Ellis: Like Songs Like Moons

After a promising beginning in the Netherlands–success with the Dutch pop group, Roos, prestigious schooling and prestigious awards–vocalist/songwriter m: Rose Ellis came to New York, with a scholarship from the Dutch government and jazz on her mind. She earned her master’s degree at t… Source: Album Reviews

Matt Otto with Ensemble Iberica: Iberica

Saxophonist m: Matt Otto presents the ambitious Iberica, a trip into the sounds of music from the Iberian Peninsula–Spain and Portugal. Ensemble Iberica joins him, a guitar trio that adds–in addition to their guitars–the cavaquinto, the oud, and the Cuban tres, crafting a delicate yet… Source: Album …

Billy Mintz: Ugly Beautiful

Drummer/composer m: Billy Mintz has a long career of enhancing the music of others with his percussive artistry, everyone from saxophonist m: Lee Konitz to pianist m: Hal Galper, to clarinet master m: Perry Robinson. His own discography as a leader is sm… Source: Album Reviews

The Mark Masters Ensemble: Blue Skylight

m: Mark Masters has made his name in the banderleader/arranger arena fronting The Mark Master Ensemble, in various forms, with personal tributes to past masters: saxophonist m: Dewey Redman, m: Duke Ellington, trumpeter m: Clifford Brown, and present mast… Source: Album Reviews

Rich Halley/Carson Halley: The Wild

Saxophonist m: Rich Halley, home-based in Portland, Oregon, is a relentless creator of fine and oftimes fiery free jazz, averaging, since 2010, about two CD releases per year, including Creating Structure (2015); Eleven (2016); and Outlier, (2016), all on his Pine Eagle Records label. The… Source: Album …

Rema Hasumi: Billows Of Blue

Pianist m: Rema Hasumi, Japanese-born and now New York City-based, calls her compositions sound stories. Those “stories” sound like tales drifting out of a dream land: untethered to time and place, free-flowing and graceful, strikingly pretty, sometimes spooky, and starkly rendered, with… Source: Album Reviews

Matt Mitchell: Forage

Alto saxophonist m: Tim Berne could have been called, at the dawn of the new millennium, the American artist least likely to join the ECM Records roster. The thought here was that Berne’s relentless momentum and frequent agitation and flat out wild man brazenness wouldn’t fit well with …

Erroll Garner: Ready Take One

m: Erroll Garner (1923 -1977) played the piano like all was well with the world, with a flashy and elegant panache. And sometimes that’s just what we need. With a swinging style that bubbled up from the stride and ragtime traditions, and nudged into the bop arena, Garner’s …