Autor: Troy Dostert

Brian Adler: Radioactive Landscapes EP

As was evident on his previous EP releases from 2016, Binary and Mysteries of the Deep, percussionist m: Brian Adler enjoys working with conceptual frameworks for his compositions. On Binary, he explored the possible interactions between human-and computer-based creativity, and on Myster… Source: Album Reviews

Billy Jones: 3's a Crowd

Duo records involving drummers aren’t that common in the world of straight-ahead jazz. While it’s never been an infrequent option for avant-gardists (and there are some truly legendary examples, not the least of which are m: John Coltrane and m: Rashied Ali‘s Interstellar Space… Source: Album Reviews

Pappenheim: Bekkenjordet

Pianist m: Oscar Gronberg and drummer Tor Haugerud are Scandinavian improvisers who have in recent years both been active in the remarkably fertile jazz scene in Trondheim, Norway. There they have collaborated with folks like Paal Nilssen- Love, m: Kim Myhr, and {{m… Source: Album Reviews

Viriditas: Viriditas

Saxophonist m: Ben Cohen is currently based in Brooklyn, but it doesn’t take long to figure out that he hails from elsewhere: rural Tennessee, to be exact. His rootsy, earthy tenor sound reveals a background as steeped in folk music and the blues as in avant-garde jazz, giving …

Manuel Valera Trio: The Seasons

Although m: Manuel Valera originally staked his claim to fame as a “Latin jazz” pianist, it’s fair to say that he has sought to transcend the constraints imposed by that label. On this release, the second by his trio with bassist Hans Glawischnig and drummer {{m: E.J. Strickland …

Mark Whitfield: Grace

Since his first album as a leader in 1990, guitarist m: Mark Whitfield has been simultaneously pulled in two directions. Early on, many dubbed him the heir-apparent to m: George Benson, and on his first several records he offered plenty of evidence to support this assessment w…  …

Rocco John Iacovone: Peace and Love: A Tribute to Will Connell

m: Rocco John Iacovone has been an under-sung presence in the New York avant-garde scene for some time. Despite several recordings to his name, he’s yet to get much big-time recognition. But with this live recording by his octet, the Improvisational Composers Ensemble, that could change… Source: …

Kadi Vija and Lucas Dann: Ugly Beauty

It’s hard to imagine anything more daunting for an up-and-coming vocalist than to tackle a vocal album of m: Thelonious Monk material–wordless, no less–with nothing more than piano accompaniment. Yet that’s exactly what Finnish singer m: Kadi Vija has done here, along with C… Source: Album Reviews

Myles Wright: Manhattan EP

For evidence that the big-band tradition is alive and well, look no further than this release from composer and arranger m: Myles Wright. His second self-produced recording after 2015’s LA EP, he’s shifted his focus to the other coast this time, and with a top-flight crew of New …

Craig Taborn: Daylight Ghosts

In addition to his eighty-plus appearances as a sideman, pianist m: Craig Taborn has during the last six years found a happy home for his own music on the ECM label, where he’s been able to establish a formidable body of work in just a few recordings. It …